“This approach successfully communicated the rationale behind Twice-weekly PROTOPIC, and gave doctors the reason why they should use the product in this way. It provided a unique value proposition for PROTOPIC and resonated well with the target audience. The winning concept that best supported the communication platform was clearly and unanimously – Beneath the surface – which was ranked the strongest concept by the majority of the doctors in all countries.”

Pedro Herzog Senior Brand Director Astellas

We had to talk to dermatologists treating eczema patients. The brief was based on the common misconception that no visible flares on the skin’s surface then there’s no problem.
However, our insight found that dermatologists were concerned about the smouldering and waiting to break through as a repeating flare. Our creative told them: Even when skin is flare-free on the surface eczema is always waiting to attack.

The creative is still being communicated six years later.

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Client Name Astellas

Our Role Advertising

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