I was lucky enough to travel abroad from a very early age. That’s when my twin sister and I started to replicate what we’d eaten, each time we returned home. Our love of food had begun.

It has evolved over time to spending our lives with the best we could possibly taste.

But for food, with us twins, it was also about the process, the utensils, ingredients and details.

When our parents lived in France, they had a wood fired pizza van turn up every Thursday evening outside the block of flats where they lived.

During the holidays we would visit mum and dad and when we returned my crazy sister bought an Italian terracotta wood fired pizza oven. We created perfection, and so enjoyed crafting our own individual style of pizza, even sourcing the tomato pasta from Italy and America, and herbs from Provence. We would even make the crust just as thick or thin as we wanted – my sisters was always perfectly round, mine more a map of Australia. Pizza perfection.

Then and only then we knew we had the best it could possibly be. Don’t settle for mediocre.

I envy chefs that buy wild salmon. Sushi grade .People that have learnt to fillet and slice like a Japanese sushi chef. Shape the rice in the palm of their hand, not machine formed. Serve on ceramics made by hand in Japan with unique one-off glaze. I may not be able to do that. But I still understand that presentation is everything – taste even more so.

Clearly ‘good taste’ permeated into our lives. Same twins, but very different clothes, the appreciation of architecture, beauty or art. Even cars and the destinations of holidays for our separate family holidays now that we both have kids.

Recently Orchard Pizza Ovens commissioned YouGov research, which found that 27% of British adults now prefer wood-fired to barbecued food, if at a garden party. An interesting fact if you’re in the business of making pizza ovens and even advertising them.

Oh, and if there are any artisan food producers out there who would like my secret recipe for making Australian shaped pizza crusts then let me know. It’s all done in the best possible taste.

Written by
Sarah Moore